Orden Bortom Orden

Har ni varit med om att någon säger något men samtidigt säger någonting annat? Det är som att orden som sägs förkläder någonting annat som egentligen sägs. Säkerligen har de flesta upplevs detta. Frågan är dock: Ställer vi de människorna till svars för vad det är de (inte) säger, fast faktiskt säger? Ok vissa är kanske inte ens medvetna om att de läcker ut sig saker bortom orden, men det gör dem inte mindre ansvariga för vad de läcker ut, eller hur. För vi blir mer påverkade av de osagda än det sagda. Continue reading

The inner Terrorist.

Today I read the headline of an article that said that “terrorism is not a psychological disease.” Ok, but it’s not a very healthy psyche that rests in someone able to commit these crimes on the other hand now is it? So what is the deal with wanting to use the word terrorism for certain forms of crimes? There has to be something driving this want instead of saying that it’s a mentally unstable person that is able to commit these crimes.

The funny thing, even though it’s anything but, is that when we hear about a crime being committed and we hear that it’s a terrorist attack there is something comforting in that even though that might sound contradicting, controversial and even wrong or absurd to your ears.

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Expressing How We Feel – A Matter of Responsibility

A few weeks ago I had my scheduled laundry time. I live in an apartment and share laundry facilities so we have to pre-book this time. So early that morning it was finally my turn and I had from seven to twelve to make it happen… Everything was going as planned until I noticed that someone had sneaked in to put their laundry in a machine I wasn’t using at the time.

First I was quite cool with it, but then I felt it wasn’t all ok, so I decided to leave a little note – loving enough but firm. I felt confident to bring the truth of what I felt – not rock solid – but strong enough.

Then I saw through the window that it was my neighbour just across and I felt a bit like “Oh no, but I really like that person” – and that made me realise something very important…

Do I hold back expressing what I feel is the truth to people I happen to favour?

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