Donald Trump – Friend or Foe?

Donald trump is a man we love to hate. To dislike him is considered deeply correct and to like the guy can be equaled with social suicide. But I ask the question, how could everything suddenly be such a devastation when Mr. Trump stepped into the role of being the president of USA? Was everything hunky dory and jolly good before him? Of course it wasn’t, but we humans love to hate/dislike/put a negative focus on people that reflects to us things we don’t like to see. That is the sneaky nature of us isn’t it? We love to see and or hear that everything we do is fine and then we have our beloved things we hate and things we deem as being the problem to our woes. Take global warming for example. We love to focus on that as that being the problem with our weather patterns changing rapidly. Surely it cannot have anything to do with the earth correcting what is happening on its crust, which is anything else but loving… but that is too much for the human ear to hear isn’t it? It must be global warming caused by all the evil cars equipped with their internal combustion engine that is the problem. Our solution? Make everything run on electricity instead. Then we don’t have to look at how the lives we live is not so very loving at all. Crazy it is indeed. The psychology of the humans is a very interesting subject and it can be quite amusing, or sad really, to see how we are deceiving ourselves with all these solutions that is not the true answer but an answer that let us run our lives the way we like without it causing or asking us to change. So Mr. Trump is not the problem, we are, and he is but letting us know that. But that might be too politically incorrect to say but I will say it anyways. And let’s see how many drop outs I will have after this on my social network accounts…


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