The inner Terrorist.

Today I read the headline of an article that said that “terrorism is not a psychological disease.” Ok, but it’s not a very healthy psyche that rests in someone able to commit these crimes on the other hand now is it? So what is the deal with wanting to use the word terrorism for certain forms of crimes? There has to be something driving this want instead of saying that it’s a mentally unstable person that is able to commit these crimes.

The funny thing, even though it’s anything but, is that when we hear about a crime being committed and we hear that it’s a terrorist attack there is something comforting in that even though that might sound contradicting, controversial and even wrong or absurd to your ears.

When we hear that it’s terrorism we can rest in our seats and see that as being the obvious wrong and I’m on the other side, which is then even more highlighted as it being the “right”. But is it right? Is our society a “right” society? Could it be that our drive to label something as it being terrorism is a way for us to be blinded to the possible reality that the way we live our lives might not be true?

And to take it even further could it be that the way we live our lives in society is actually fuelling these forms of behaviours? This would be a very hard one to swallow but it’s far from incomprehensible.

The rates of illness and disease are rampaging beyond any form of control and this is something that should be much more alarming than the now very strong focus on terrorism. Terrorism as we call it is totally inhumane and we know it, but more than four people are killing themselves in Sweden everyday. Isn’t that a form of terrorism we should also acknowledge? What form of inner terrorism is happening in someone that eventually choses to take their own life? What society nurtures this form of behaviour? It cannot certainly be a healthy one.

I think we need to start opening our eyes to what is actually going on around us and not get caught in the merry go round of looking outside of ourselves when there is a strong call for us to look within to what is going on in there. The cancer rates amongst lots of other illnesses are calling for us to listen up, not looking outside for answers. There is a lot going on inside of us and it could actually be that there is a form of terrorism already happening inside our selves that goes undetected and undiagnosed while we focus on what is going on on the outside.


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