The True Business Model

This article is aimed at spreading clarity into the world of business and finance. We need to understand that everything that exists in this world is a result of energetic occurrences and that the quality of that energy will produce an energetic outcome. If the intent is not to serve mankind and its members in whatever field one has chosen to the end product will always reflect the quality of that choice. If this sounds too far away we can always relate to the fact that every product and service will emanate the quality of the initial intent. In other words, some products just feels better than others, and this is a tangible example of how energy and intentions affect the world we live in and can experience.
What is now happening in the financial world and on the markets around the world is simply the fact that it hasn’t been built with a true and clear intent. If the economy of one nation can be influenced by the emotional state of its citizens, their leader or leaders, of some person’s statement, then it is not something that will hold in the near or distant future.
Why then is this so important to clarify? Because we all suffer from the lack of integrity and responsibility displayed in world affairs and economy. If we allow ourselves to be honest about our actions and take responsibility for them we can soon arrive at something that will truly serve all and not just the one person. This is important if what we seek is unity in the world.
So if we narrow it down, how is this important to your business? If what is presented above makes some sort of sense you will understand that since the world economy seems to regulate itself and everyone that has some form of dependency to that system will be affected by its fluctuations it is imperative to have beforehand built a solid structure within your own company. That solidity will be at hand if the intent is to serve the people that are to end up using your product or service. If it’s not, if it’s just about making money or if moneymaking comes first, you will sooner or later fall just like the markets have shown to. Greed is not a sustainable platform for anything to rest on, true service is. And the way to true success is always accompanied by an honest approach and since we cannot cheat energy or hide from its outcome it’s worth to start sooner than later…

Sounds interesting? Call me,

With Kind Regards

Matts Josefsson – Student in the Science of Energies

Joyfull Sound


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